How to master the art of public speaking

Public speaking is an art because you have to create and deliver your content with a lot of creativity and thoughtfulness. You have to carefully prepare and structure your speech. The art of public speaking helps you to grow as a person and also in your career.

Becoming an effective public speaker is not an easy task to accomplish. An effective speaker needs to get the audience engaged while expressing his or her thoughts clearly. This is not as easy as it may sound! 

art of public speaking
Mastering the art of public speaking

Here are the top 5 qualities of effective public speaker :


Confidence plays a very important role when it comes to public speaking. Being confident while speaking allows you to be recognised as a knowledgeable person. It’s natural to be nervous but to master the art of public speaking, you have to overcome your nervousness and stage fear. Read this blog to know about stage fear and how to overcome public speaking fear.

Your audience will trust you and will listen to you carefully. Confidence makes a person credible, knowledgeable, and believable. If you want to be confident on stage, you have to be yourself and don’t act like someone. If you can be yourself in front of an audience, they will relate with you. Also, your confidence depends on how well you are prepared. The key is to practice a lot and learn public speaking.


Why would an audience hear about your story if you yourself are not passionate about it? If an audience can see and feel your passion in your words or by your body language, they will be more interested in listening to you. Passion is a strong feeling of enthusiasm or excitement for something. If you want to become an effective public speaker, you need to have a passion for what you are speaking.

3. Engage with your audience:

A good speech should be interactive and it engages the audience. If they are well engaged, they will not feel bored and will be interested in listening to you. Also, it is very important to know the audience that you’re presenting to. If you know this, you’ll be better able to connect to them. You engage them by starting with a hook statement or by storytelling.


A presentation is more effective and engaging when it doesn’t feel like a presentation. You should know how to tell your story to your audience. If you can transform an ordinary story into an adventure and create a memorable experience for the audience, you can get a lot of attention from your audience. So start your speech by a story, ask a question or any statement which triggers the curiosity of the audience. Give them the context for all of the information you are sharing. Instead of just giving the information and facts, you can create a story around that. Stories help people retain more information because they build their interest in what you are speaking. 

5. Be yourself:

Always be yourself and don’t ever imitate or copy someone. No one can become like you and you can’t become like anyone. Everyone is unique and has a different style of speaking. No matter how much you have rehearsed for the speech if you try to be someone else, the audience will notice that. It will create an image in the mind of your audience that you lack originality. In order to be yourself, you should speak with a natural voice and style.

art of public speaking

The point is why public speaking is important ?

If you have the same question in mind, here are the benefits of good public speaking skills :

  • Boosts confidence
  • Improves communication skills 
  • Growth in career
  • Helps in persuading, influencing and motivating others
  • Critical thinking
  • Personality development
  • Helps in networking with people
  • Improves vocabulary
  • Developing leadership skills
  • And many more such benefits 

How to master the art of public speaking? 

1.Practice is the key :

Becoming good in public speaking needs practice. Do you remember learning driving, how did you learn it? Did you just watched someone driving and became excellent at driving? Of course not! We learnt driving by practising a lot. No matter how many times we were close to hitting someone and got our heart into the mouth. You might be why I am talking about this. Well! Public speaking is more or less similar to driving. You have to practice many times before you actually speak in front of an audience. Practice in front of a mirror. Also, the first time you speak in public will not be the best one. You will master the art of public speaking after speaking many times in front of an audience.

2.Use proper Body Language :

Researches show that 60% of communication is done non verbally. Body language cannot be learnt, it should come naturally. You can learn just a few gestures which are important for your overall personality and you can practice them. By keeping this tip in mind you can master the art of public speaking. Generally, the audience judges the speaker by its body language. Here are some basic gestures which you should keep in mind :

  1. Repeating words or unnecessary throat-clearing shows your under confidence and nervousness.
  2. Slight Movement of eyes in every direction of the room and making eye contact with the audience shows your confidence and the art of public speaking.
  3. When answering the questions, if a person starts adjusting his clothes or glasses, he might be lying or weaving the stories. It also shows that the person is not confident enough.
  4. Stand straight while entering the stage and speaking to your audience, it will show your confidence and expertise in what you will speak.

3.Emotional context :

People listening to you connect with you as a person and not just the words. Some speeches make people feel something and inspire them to take action. The words should flow freely so that it looks natural and not scripted. Don’t hesitate to involve your feelings while speaking. Hesitation is only making us confined to ourselves making things more and more difficult for us. 

4.The art of storytelling :

The most important skill required to become a public speaker is storytelling. You should know how to tell your story to grab the attention of your audience. Just speaking out what you have learnt makes it boring and nobody wants to listen to a boring speaker. People love to listen to stories which draw their attention and engage them till the end. A good storyteller can transform an ordinary story into an adventure and creates a memorable experience for the audience. Nobody can tell your stories in the way you can which makes you unique. So start your speech by a story, ask a question or any statement which triggers the curiosity of the audience. Every speaker should know the importance of storytelling and how to master the art of public speaking.

5.Speak to influence others :

An effective public speaker leaves an impact on people and the words compel the audience to take some action or think about it. When you approach someone by asking their name, it makes them feel valuable and they remember you. Talk about people rather than presenting facts. It shouldn’t feel like a lecture. Be clear with your thoughts. Communication skills plays an important role to learn the art of public speaking.

Now the question arises how to make speech interesting?

So here are some tips to know how to make your speech interesting: 

  1. Divide your speech into segments and always some up a segment before ending it
  2.  Repeat 3 times the things which you want your audience should remember
  3. Know and interact with your Audience
  4. Speak with Conviction and making an eye – contact with the audience
  5. Create stories to make it more interesting and memorable 
  6. Focus on Emotions to connect with your audience
  7. End with a quote or a call-to-action 


Public speaking helps in growing your business or career, establishing your personal brand in your industry. Mastering the art of public speaking will open the door to your success. It will represent you as a leader and expert in your field. If you excel in the art of public speaking, then you can give effective presentation on stage or in your office.

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